+6 Lambs

On Monday afternoon, Holly did a wonderful job bringing Kangaroo and Koala into the world, a white ram and white ewe lamb. They had very little time in the limelight as Ebbie had quadruplets at 4am Tuesday morning. They are Kira, Kaibab, Katydid, and Katya – one ram lamb and three ewe lambs, ranging from black to black with white markings to white. Ebbie has previously had triplets and twins, but this is her first set of quads. She seems relatively calm, all things considered. Holsteina still looks more than ready but thankfully she’s given us at least a brief respite. Elsa and Holsteina have given us triplets in years past, and Egret had quads last year… we shall see.

On that note, now taking deposits on ewe and ram lambs (or wethers). Contact me for details. Excellent milking genetics, quality fiber, good mothers. We’re not currently selling to customers seeking sheep for meat.

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