Fiber and Animals

The Friendly Ewe also sells wool products and breeding stock.  Contact Renee to get on a list for 2023 lambs. We’re not currently selling sheep for meat.

Raw and washed fleeces and handspun yarn are currently available in the farm store and on Etsy. Renee shears, washes, and spins the wool from the sheep when not making cheese.

What is Friesian wool like? Friesian fiber is a medium-grade wool that is suitable for knitting and spinning.

The other fiber producer on the farm is Saskatoonberry, an angora rabbit. Renee gently plucks Saski’s super-soft fiber, which does not cause any pain to the bunny. He is bred for this purpose, and without regular plucking, his fiber would become a hazard to his health. Angora fiber is seven times warmer than wool, and makes a luscious, soft blend when mixed with wool.