Fiber and Animals

The Friendly Ewe also sell wool products and breeding stock.  Friesian ewe and ram lambs are expected to be available early in April 2020.

Raw and washed fleeces and handspun yarn are currently available in the farm store and on Etsy. Renee shears, washes, and spins the wool from the sheep when she’s not making cheese.

What is Friesian wool like?  Friesian fiber is a medium-grade wool that is suitable for knitting and spinning.  Some of the ewes have a little bit of Romney crossed into them as well.

Bunbun, the Giant Angora rabbit, is the other fiber producer on the premises. Bun creates incredibly soft, fluffy fiber that is seven times warmer than wool. Bun’s coat grows at an alarming rate, and Renee carefully clips the fur at no harm to Bun. The angora is then blended with wool to make a soft, strong yarn.