Lambapalooza – March 14, 1-4pm and +5 more lambs

Come meet this year’s lambs! The oldest will be a week old! Wear clothes and boots appropriate for the barn. The farm store will be open with art and yarn – no dairy yet, it’s for the lambs!! Please wear a mask. One family group will be allowed in the barn or the store at a time – sign up for your 20-minute time slot here.

Please practice distancing from those not in your group and wear a mask. Do not come if you have recently tested positive for covid, if you have symptoms of covid, or if you have been exposed to someone in the past 10 days who has tested positive. We appreciate your respect of our health.

Update: on Thursday, Renee was in the barn from 1am to 8:30am with Holsteina and Elsa in labor. Both had triplets, but one of Elsa’s was stillborn. The remaining five lambs and both ewes are healthy and doing well. That brings us to 13 lambs in five days from five ewes! And… the end of lambing? We’ll find out mid-May if the ram’s Christmas vacation on the wrong side of the fence resulted in any lambs for Egret – too soon to say. We’ll ease into milking over the next several weeks as the lambs get more established. At this point, we have five ram lambs and eight ewe lambs, incidentally the same number of lambs and ewe-ram ratio as last year! If you’re interested in purchasing lambs for dairy genetics, fiber, or companion animals, now is the time to reach out and put a deposit down!

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