Lambing 2021 Begins!

March 7th we had our first lambs born last year, and this year lambing also started on March 7th. Two ram lambs born to Halo at a very reasonable hour and a pretty reasonable temperature – a wonderful start to lambing season.

All was quiet at my morning barn check, but when I went out for chores an hour and a half later, I heard a wee voice when I was two steps from the barn. I also heard some adult sheeps bellowing. I pulled open the barn door to make sure I wasn’t making it up, and saw not one but two ewes licking one little white lamb. I turned around and booked it back to the house for the “go box” of lambing supplies. Back in the barn, we quickly deduced it was Halo’s lamb, but Egret was all in on trying to claim it for herself. With some maneuvering and body blocking, we got Halo and lamb into their own pen and left Egret out with the other ewes. The lamb was upright and standing on his own, but pretty cold. Without Egret’s confusion, Halo was able to calm down and the lamb started nursing almost immediately. After she cleaned him off and he had several meals, we got him in a sweater and finished chores for the rest of the crowd. Egret is nothing if not stubborn, and remained at the gate yelling that we’d taken her lamb from her. Not sure if she’s even pregnant, and if she is, she’s months behind the others (remember that Christmas fence break?). She had quadruplets last year though, so maybe after that experience, she thinks they’re all hers. Something to remember if I ever have an orphan lamb.


Without much warning, Halo laid down and decided to have another lamb. It was nearly effortless and done in under a minute. Another ram lamb, this one black with white markings, a bit larger than the first. He too was up and nursing in no time.

We’re so pleased to start lambing off with such an attentive mother and lively set of twins! Welcome to Kodiak and Kayak, the 31st and 32nd lambs born here! We started our lambing journey with the “C”s in Sumner, and now we’re all the way to “K”s in Hartford.

Milking and finding good homes for these boys is certain to follow!

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