Settling in to Winter

All the critters are doing well in their woolly coats! Winter brings a focus on a few different projects before lambing and milking time in February. I’ve been processing some of the backlog of wool we’ve got stored up, resulting in some handspun yarn and some handmade felt-covered journals for sale on Etsy. We’re also working on getting prints of some of Sophie’s art to have available… stay tuned.

Did you see the article featuring The Friendly Ewe in the Sun Journal?


New Faces

On the fence line. Welcome to Egret and Emmaline, who are settling in and planning to augment next year’s milking crowd!


Dry-off is beginning for this year’s milking flock, which means that cheese, yogurt, and ice cream production is winding down. Construction continues on the barn roof, and soon breeding for 2019 lambs will start!

Summer time

Things are in full swing here. Hammer and Henri have each found great homes. Hot Horchata, the last ram lamb, is still looking for his! Feta, yogurt, and ice cream can be found at Fare Share, and soft cheese, yogurt, and feta can be found in dishes at Norway Brewing Company. Work continues on the barn and the farm store.