Spring Things

The farm store will be OPEN for curbside pick-up very soon – stay tuned! The farm is closed to other visitors until further notice. We’re running a 15% discount on Etsy for fiber and art through the end of April for any local customers who can pick their items up – just reach out to us for the coupon code. Some of the lambs are getting really big, and some of the ewes are just taking their sweet time with lambing.


Multiple Multiples

First time mama Holsteina had triplets today! Welcome Jack, Jill, and Juniper. Meanwhile, Egret is doing a great job of raising ALL the quads on her own!

We’re holding off on scheduling any official meet and greet events for the time being. If you’re feeling healthy and would like to schedule a time to come and meet the lambs, let us know.

Lambing 2020 Begins

Quadruplets and a nearly full moon began lambing here two days ago. Egret and Josie, Jaunty, Julio, and Juliette are doing well. Egret really faked us out – I was out with mama and #1 for three hours (when it was still daylight), and no signs of further labor. Went in the house for 15 minutes, came back out to find #2. Spent an hour-plus with #2, and again, thought we were done. Went in the house for 30 minutes, and came out to find #3 standing and #4 coming out.

January on the Farm

Countdown to first possible lambs: 48 days! The next few weeks will see an increase in rations, as our ewes devote more and more energy to the growing lambs. We’ll also separate out the ram and wether, as rams can get aggressive with pregnant ewes. We’ll be rearranging the inside of the barn to include individual stalls for new mothers and lambs to bond, separate from the others for a few days. And most importantly, we’ll be relishing the uninterrupted sleep before the middle-of-the-night barn checks. We’ve been focusing on processing lots of wool into yarn, gaining slowly on the fleeces that have been in storage. All of 2019’s wool is gone – yay! However, we’ve still got some backlog from 2018 and 2017… The sheep are full-fleeced now, and spring shearing will be upon us before we know it!

DSCN1879 DSCN3112