2022 CSA Shares Are Here!

Update: CSA shares are sold out for now — check back to see if any more spots open up. Thank ewe for your support!!

We’re re-envisioning the on-farm store this year by offering a CSA with Find A Feather Farm in Sumner and Irish Hill Farm in Buckfield. Will our farm store be open other hours? Maybe. But products from Find A Feather and Irish Hill will only be available through the CSA. You’ll still be able to buy our sheep dairy products at the Bethel Farmers’ Market each Saturday in the summer, and at Fare Share Co-op in Norway as inventory allows.

How It Works
You pay in $100, then order from available items from three farms each week, paying down your balance until none remains. Then purchase another share, or not. Products available weekly mid-April through September for pick-up at The Friendly Ewe. You can order each week, once a month, or whenever it fits your schedule. We’ll have yogurt, cheese, ice cream, eggs, mushrooms, produce, salad mix, flowers, herbs, and more!

An email will go out to all CSA customers on Tuesday each week listing available products. Reply to place your order, first come first serve, by Wednesday at midnight. Pick up what you ordered on Thursday from 2-6pm at The Friendly Ewe.

The goal of the CSA is to prioritize local customers before I take everything to market on Saturday. We want to emphasize the community in Community-Supported Agriculture, giving you the chance to buy as much local as you can, and allowing our neighboring farms to offer their products as well.

+2 Lambs

Ebbie and Holly each had singles this year, a ewe lamb, Lucy, to Ebbie, and a ram lamb, Leo, to Holly. This marks the end of lambing 2022! Stay tuned for Dairy Opening Day in a few weeks. For those of you waiting for news on buying some of this year’s lambs, I’ll be in touch soon!

Lambapalooza 2022 and +3 Lambs

Triplets to Holsteina last night! Welcome, Lyrical (the miracle), Lion, and Lynx. One white ewe lamb and two colorful ram lambs.

Holsteina’s idea was to have them in a snowbank, but we vetoed that. Lyrical spent some time in that gray area between life and death, but we were determined and convinced her to live. 14 degrees is not an easy temperature to start life at, but all are doing well now. Holsteina is a great mother.

Lambapalooza: March 20th, 12-5pm, 2022

Come meet this year’s lambs! Snuggle and help socialize the new lambs, and learn about our amazing flock of dairy sheep.

Wear clothes and boots appropriate for the barn. The farm store will be open with art and wool products – no dairy yet, it’s for the lambs!!

Please wear a mask in the farm store. Do not come if you have recently tested positive for covid or if you have symptoms of covid. We appreciate your respect for our health — farmers can’t take sick days.

Lambing 2022

Welcome, Luna and Lark! Twin ewe lambs to Elsa this morning to kick off lambing 2022. Triplet brother was stillborn, but sisters are both doing well. Eating, sleeping, and getting cleaned up by Elsa. Three more ewes expected to lamb in the next few weeks, and then we’ll sort out who is for sale and who we’re keeping. And of course after that, FETA.


Things are mostly quiet on the farm… we’re counting down to lambing, which could start as early as Feb. 28th. In the meantime, there’s lots of wool to process and some business-y things I’m supposed to take care of that would never happen during milking season.

The ewes are fully fleeced and cozy warm. With minimal snow, they’ve enjoyed wandering further from the barn than they do in some years. We’re pleased that everyone is in good health and that things are mostly going according to plan — a good feeling for a farmer.