Renee has been milking sheep since 2015, and in business since 2017. The Friendly Ewe was originally licensed at A Wrinkle In Thyme Farm in Sumner, and moved to its current location in Hartford in 2018.

East Friesians are unusual sheep as triple-purpose animals, providing us with milk, wool, and breeding stock. Contact Renee if you’d like to be on a list for 2023 lambs. We’re not currently selling sheep for meat.

pippa and elsa
Elsa and Ebbie, born in 2015, and Pippa

The animals come first here.  Renee strives to provide quality care to all of the animals, while also recognizing their hardiness and indifference to most of the weather.

The Friendly Ewe seeks to impact the environment positively through our business model by:

  • minimizing inputs, especially of non-biodegradable chemicals
  • closing the loop by using manure to improve soil quality in the pasture and garden
  • rotationally grazing the sheep to improve the quality of the pasture
  • composting all food waste from the dairy and recycling
  • being intentional about producing dairy products with longer shelf lives, when possible, to minimize food waste
  • using reusable materials in the dairy when possible
  • using human power in place of mechanical power when possible
  • being a good steward of the East Branch of the Nezinscot River through excellent fencing and nutrient management

Impact of The Friendly Ewe

  • create locally available dairy products at minimum sustainable prices
  • provide locally grown wool as a renewable alternative to synthetic fabrics produced with oil-dependent technology
  • invest in the local economy by drawing customers to Hartford
  • improve the quality of the local environment while running a viable business