Lambapalooza 2022 and +3 Lambs

Triplets to Holsteina last night! Welcome, Lyrical (the miracle), Lion, and Lynx. One white ewe lamb and two colorful ram lambs.

Holsteina’s idea was to have them in a snowbank, but we vetoed that. Lyrical spent some time in that gray area between life and death, but we were determined and convinced her to live. 14 degrees is not an easy temperature to start life at, but all are doing well now. Holsteina is a great mother.

Lambapalooza: March 20th, 12-5pm, 2022

Come meet this year’s lambs! Snuggle and help socialize the new lambs, and learn about our amazing flock of dairy sheep.

Wear clothes and boots appropriate for the barn. The farm store will be open with art and wool products – no dairy yet, it’s for the lambs!!

Please wear a mask in the farm store. Do not come if you have recently tested positive for covid or if you have symptoms of covid. We appreciate your respect for our health — farmers can’t take sick days.

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