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New for 2020… unrelated to the coronavirus.

Remember this winter when we found out plastic recycling was mostly a hoax perpetuated by Big Plastic and Big Oil to deflect accountability in packaging?

At The Friendly Ewe, we did quite a bit of research into alternative packaging for our cheeses. We weren’t happy with the options available to us as a small-scale producer trying to keep our price points affordable, but we haven’t given up looking. For now…

…The farm store is shifting to Bring Your Own Packaging. Cheese and yogurt will still be sold in set quantities (7 or 8 oz and pints, respectively). You bring a clean container, and set it outside your car. I sanitize it, fill it with the measured amount of dairy, and return it to your trunk or back seat.

The online store will have an option to purchase a jar or container separately if, for some reason, you don’t own any containers or would like to own more.

Ice cream will still be packaged in cardboard pints. Sales off-farm will be pre-packaged as they have been in the past.

You are welcome to return clean jars and containers purchased from The Friendly Ewe, but there will no longer be any discount for returned containers. The farm store goes live tomorrow (I think)!

The Friendly Ewe is following guidelines from the Maine Dept. of Agriculture, Conservation, and Forestry and the CDC regarding Covid-19, including:
– No customers are allowed in farm buildings currently
– Please order via the online ordering system or by phone
– We are disinfecting commonly-touched surfaces regularly
– We are washing hands regularly
– Please respect my health by keeping six feet away, and I will do the same for you

We take the responsibility of culturing milk to make cheese and yogurt seriously. Bringing milk from barnyard animals to safe for human consumption food already requires vigilant and thorough sanitation practices. We look forward to giving barn tours and having more face-to-face interaction in the future, but appreciate your support during the present!

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